Here at First Choice Reporting we like to stay on the cutting edge of technology—both within the modern stenography field (from live streaming real-time to mobile Case Share) and in our personal lives. (You never know when the next hot video-game release could spark an idea that advances our court reporting or CART capabilities, right?)


Apple’s big unveilings earlier this month gave iEnthusiasts lots to digest. (Look for our review next month.) In the meantime, here are three tech debuts—which could prove to be very useful in the office, boardroom, or even courtroom—that we’re eagerly awaiting.


Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot

This “social robot” generated a lot of excitement during its preview at 2014’s Consumer Electronics Show, sparking many comparisons to Rosie from The Jetsons.

Jibo is 11 inches tall and features an HD LCD touchscreen display, two high-resolution cameras, 360-degree microphones, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can see, hear, learn, help, speak and interact with people—it even has a sense of humor. After two successful presales, the world is waiting to welcome Jibo when the full-scale launch happens in 2016. Perhaps one will greet you at the First Choice door in the not-too-distant future.


Nod: The Wizard’s Ring of the Future

Imagine standing before a packed boardroom, acing your presentation as you roam freely about the space. Your PowerPoint is progressing in perfect synchronization with your script, but you’re not holding a pointer or trekking back and forth to the control panel. This is the power of the Nod, a Bluetooth-enabled ring that lets you control your devices (from smartphones to stereos to gaming) through gestures. It’s visually very simple—a futuristic-looking black plastic ring—but its tiny surface contains a touch panel and two buttons that act like the controls on your mouse. Minority Report comes to the boardroom!


Ritot: The World’s First Projection Watch

If you’ve ever felt so busy that you didn’t have a spare second to decipher the hands on your wristwatch, you will rejoice at news of the Ritot. This watch uses a built-in pico projector to display the time—along with your choice of alerts and notifications from your smartphone—on the back of your hand. Its sleek shape comes in two styles—one sportier rubber-and-plastic version and one that looks more like a bracelet. Prototypes have just been completed, so full-scale launch will likely happen during 2016.