Hiring a reputable court reporting agency for your next trial or deposition can be more than just a smart move for your litigation. You are also choosing the difference between a professional, seamless experience and one potentially interrupted by errors and set-backs.

Take the time to ask the tough questions when looking to hire a court reporting firm to make sure you’re set to receive the best court reporter for your next case. Here are a few you should be sure to ask:


Describe exactly what your full-service offerings entail.

Your needs may be varied and vast. Make sure the court reporting firm you hire can accommodate. What kind of turn-around time do they offer? Do they provide video services, scheduling, or archiving? What about their ability to travel or provide a court reporter on short notice? A full-service agency may be best equipped to handle your needs by offering centralized and streamlined services rather than partnering with several separate agencies.


How experienced is the court reporting firm and its court reporters?

An established and reputable court reporting agency is always a good sign, especially in terms of professionalism, skill, and dependability. Aside from asking the firm itself, it’s useful to check with references and ask peers for their recommendations. Importantly, you should also have a solid understanding of the court reporters’ experiences and certifications. For example, you may need someone who has experience handling medical depositions or someone who has other technical specialties. Ask these questions up front so when the time comes to call upon a reporter, you know you will be able to hire a qualified one.


What is your turn-around time?

Ultimately, you want to know that you’ll receive an accurate transcript quickly and reliably. Be sure you fully understand their turn-around time, and check to see if they offer expedited services (and what the cost difference is between the two for budgeting purposes). If you’re in need of real-time services, you should also ask what other transcript services they may provide. Some court reporters provide draft transcripts before the official transcript is complete.


The difference between hiring a skilled, experienced, and professional court reporter and one that is not can make or break your case. Call us today at 800-939-0093 for an exceptional customer service experience.