At First Choice Court Reporting & Video Services, we love sharing resources for the latest and greatest equipment and supplies, and even gifts for the court reporters in your life. Here are a few of our favorite items either on our radar or always accompanying us to nonstop depositions.

It all starts with the machine.

The revolutionary ProCat Impression steno writer was a favorite, as the first writer with audio recording, Bluetooth connection, real-time access to attorneys, full translation with artificial intelligence, touch screen with gestures, and more.

But it’s the Xpression that has our attention. More compact than the Impression, it’s also four times faster. It allows for streaming real-time text over WiFi to iPad and PCs, with sideway swipe to open productivity tools, and a modern touch interface, plus Mark Kislingbury’s brief dictionary. And it’s available in three colors: Tuxedo, Latte, and Azure. Most importantly to those in our industry, however, ProCat’s Xpression comes with a high speed processor for instant translation and streaming, high capacity Micro SD cards, plus four physical drives to ensure reliability. Court reporters tend to love reliability!

And then there’s Stenovation’s LightSpeed Zenith, which boasts the profession’s most advanced keyboard and 121 sensors to facilitate unprecedented accuracy. Oh, the list could go on and on.

“Oh, my aching back!”

We’ve all been there. Ergonomic seating is key to protecting our bodies and avoiding the aches and pains associated with our profession. Have you considered a sit-stand desk riser, ergonomic mouse, or even a posture corrector?

Speaking of aching backs, it’s time for a wheelie case upgrade.

You’ll never mistake your case for anyone else’s with this vibrant version.

Get organized.

Never lose another attorney or witness card, keep track of case numbers and trial dates, and keep diligent records of transcript due dates with this must-have Depobook.

How amazing are these monogrammed charms?

They’re crafted by a fellow reporter in the great Northwest, and come in gold and silver, and the perfect for your favorite reporter…or yourself!

Please chime in with your own shortlist of covetable court reporting equipment and must-have accessories. What are your favorites right now? We’re always on the lookout for kit upgrades.