Whether going to court or not, you know that accuracy and confidentiality are critical to any case you handle and that having trained ears and eyes with you every step of way is paramount. Without a doubt, this is where court reporters excel and prove their value.

While court reporters are indispensable in the courtroom, they also play an important role in trial preparation proceedings, witness evaluations, and many other instances when legal assistance is required.

For example, if a witness is deposed before a trial, having a court reporter present during the deposition can assist greatly when it comes to planning and strategy down the road. Since lawyers’ questions will vary during the deposition versus in the courtroom, having accurate records of those conversations is useful for a variety of reasons – most notably, having proof of witness testimony.

It’s also important to remember that simply having a court reporter in the room brings awareness to the fact that every word spoken, non-verbal cues as well, are recorded and will become official evidence. Their presence alone speaks volumes.

Moreover, rather than sitting silently in the room, court reporters play an active role is ensuring accuracy of records and will often speak up to clarify if a word was missed or to remind those present to speak one at a time.

The value of the court reporters presence, regardless if you’re in the courtroom or not, cannot be understated. More than just a transcriptionist, court reporters actively bring both tangible and intangible value to any legal proceeding.

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