While many court reporters are based in an office, a growing trend for several others is to turn their profession into a work-from-home career. For those of you who spend some or all of your time working from home, you know the challenges and benefits of being anchored at home. Regardless of your office situation, these productivity tips apply to all of us.

Prioritize your tasks

Distractions and interruptions are an inevitable part of working from home. Help keep them at bay by having your task list set for each day. If you know what you have to get done, you’re more likely to accomplish it, even if it takes you all day.

Create a comfortable office

Don’t try to double your dining table as a desk. Invest in a comfortable office space that has room for all of your equipment and plenty of storage space for your files. Creating a dedicated work zone is one of the best things you can do for your productivity.

Skip the sweats

Yes, it’s tempting. Yes, it’s one of the benefits of working from home, but do yourself a productivity favor by getting dressed as if you were going to an actual office. Getting ready for the day helps put you in the working frame of mind and helps you feel more professional and focused.

Make time for breaks

When you’re in the zone, it can be easy to power through lunch or skip out on a coffee break, but your mind and body will benefit from taking short breaks every hour or so. Go for a short walk, do some quick stretches, or just take a moment to look out the window and clear your head.

Separate work from home

This can be hard. After all, you’re working from home, but it’s important to feel some separation between your working hours and your non-working hours. Set your schedule and try to stick to it. If you’re clear about your working hours with clients and attorneys, it will be easier for you to commit to them too.

Whether it’s a tough case that requires additional hours at home or it’s your permanent work situation, maintaining focus and productivity while in a home office can be a challenge. Get yourself in the zone with a clear physical work space and mental preparation. Your court reporting work will benefit from it too.