It’s hard to stay current in this whiplash-fast tech paced industry, but by working with law firms across the country, we hear a lot about tech problems and how other professionals manage their tech and stay organized. Here’s some of the latest tidbits that have come across our desk:

1. Windows 10 privacy dashboard.

Remember all the drama surrounding the launch of Windows 10? There was the forced-upgrade push and then came the serious privacy worries. But there’s a new dashboard now that’s easy to use, allowing Microsoft varying levels of access to your PC, protecting your sensitive data just in case.

2. Updating your Firewall

Speaking of protecting data, is your firm using a firewall? Are you using one personally?

With the marked rise in hacking, and the ever-increasing Bring-Your-Own-Device movement, we’re seeing more and more professionals compromising their data unwillingly.

If you need to up your protection, check out Norton for its long-standing presence in the firewall business, Tinywall for a lightweight solution, Anti NetCut3 if you spend a lot of time connected to public Wi-Fi, and Little Snitch if you’re working on a Mac.

3. Don’t forget your password. All of them.

With LastPass , you won’t. Consider all the time you waste writing, remembering, and resetting passwords. LastPass manages your passwords, so all you have to do is remember one master password. Brilliant.

4. Don’t run out of gas.

There are seven must-know tips available here. to extending the life of your smartphone battery. Like, using auto-brightness for the screen, tweaking your email settings to only check for emails on a schedule, and play downloaded music instead of streaming.

In addition, there’s also a list of battery-saving myths that aren’t necessary, from closing unused apps to always choosing Wi-Fi over cellular.

5. Keep it clean.

Last but not least, there’s SmartKlear, the carbon cleaning technology that’s actually used by NASA in their space station, to keep your phone screen bacteria- and streak-free.

If there’s anything else on your radar you’d like to share with us, please do! Our comment section is awaiting your suggestions on doing things smarter.