Case Management:

A case manager is assigned to each case, and is the point of contact throughout the life of the case. Prior to commencing depositions, the case manager confirms the service needs and requirements. Once determined, the case manager creates a standard operating protocol. Our goal is to keep the number of reporters on each case to a minimum. For those cases with multiple reporters (i.e., cases that need expedited service), First Choice will use its best efforts to ensure continuity. By providing page numbers, word lists, and exhibit numbers to all reporters before a deposition.


The Case management services include:
  • Online access to all case material anytime, anywhere including the calendar, scheduling, transcripts, billing and more.
  • Access to hundreds of court reporters throughout the country and the most experienced and dedicated support personnel to server your litigation needs.
  • Case Management Orders, Notices, Stipulations, and individual firm needs consistently met without multiple explanations.
  • Personalized Service & One Call for Everything. A sole point of contact for court reporters, rooms, videographers or interpreters.
  • Central Document Depository on-line enables multiple offices simultaneous access and eliminate expensive copies. Physical Depositories also available.
  • Customized Accounting Procedures offer various invoice formats, monthly statements, even cost-sharing agreements between parties and more.
  • Faxed confirmations & reminders to keep all parties coordinated and on-time.
  • Handling all scheduling, processing & archival of your depositions and exhibits in-house, they are not referred out.
  • Case E-mail for confirmed for all Parties including case management order, notices, pleadings and motions.