Document Repository:

First Choice offers complimentary electronic data repository, indexing, scanning and copying to our clients that schedule services. The repository allows for the storage of all parties’ documents in one convenient location.


Our repository services include:
  • Document Management – scanning of all document productions, including color site photos and oversize blueprints, with upload of images and processed ESI to internet repository. Or require all parties to produce in a compliant data format with a scanning/ESI vendor of their own choice. From there, we provide online access with ordering of digital load files with data and printed document blowbacks. Thousands of pages from the repository are used in the epositions daily and can be quickly printed in the office as needed.
  • Exhibit Management – unique branded exhibit management app (MEEL) creates Master Electronic Exhibit Lists for large cases. Integrated with web-repository to provide copies of exhibits on ordered transcripts per client.
  • Billing Services – Expert billing (carrier splits along formulas, e.g., 1/3, 1/8, etc.; online access to invoices by case by client)
  • Active Support Suites – Active Suite provides a unique single log-in web app with access to a wide range of case services.
  • Online Repository – Online, full-text searchable and organized access to the entirety of the document production. The online repository solution provides a streamlined fully text searchable platform to review all reposited documents. Review the entire production in one database or viewer. Parties have the ability to search for just those documents they believe they need and can print or download that right to their computer.
  • Digital repository Protocol – All documents to be produced shall be Bates numbered by the producing party prior to production.