Online Technology Package:

First Choice offers a suite of on-line services at no additional costs reflective of its commitment to Go Green. Transcripts and exhibits can be easily downloaded for convenient offline access. The On-Line Suite includes:

  • Scheduling with same-day e-mail confirmation for all settings
  • Calendar showing scheduled, canceled and completed depositions
  • Billing information sorted by deposition, deponent or case
  • ASCII text and E-Transcriptâ„¢ and electronic exhibit repository
  • Document Management and Retrieval
  • Indexing and search capabilities of on-line documents
  • Scanning of paper documents
  • Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) of paper documents and electronic images such as PDFs and JPEGs.
  • Transcript archive bank ensures that your transcripts will never be altered or changed by the viewer, no matter how many times they are viewed.
  • Hyperlinked word index, transcript and exhibits allow you to rapidly move within the Index to access specifics within the Transcript, view exhibits, or vice-versa.
    • Click on a word within the index
    • Clicking on page and line numbers in the index
    • Search a word using the Find button or CTRL-F.
    • “Previous” and “Next” buttons find other instances.
  • Mobile transcript provides you with the ability to fully utilize deposition transcripts on your smart phone. We upload your transcripts to the mobile transcript website, which in turn downloads the transcripts to your tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, Droid, iPad or Blackberry devices.
  • FCR ClientFirst Service Center, for electronic access to scheduling, billing information, and reports.